Katleen Vandriessche

Autors: ELKS | Datums: 24/12/2014

As a freelance communication specialist in Brussels holding a master degree in communications, she is one of the rare not Latvians in the team. Nevertheless Katleen understands perfectly the power of this wonderful piece of cultural heritage. Therefore she is extremely enthusiastic to bring it to a Brussels and European audience and getting support from Belgian and Brussels governments and sponsors!

For more than 20 years Katleen has worked for all kinds of organisations – from multi-national corporations, to national NGO’s and local governments. Helping them to improve their communications internally, at corporate level and with media. For NGO’s she also specialized in fundraising. What drives her in her job is ‘building bridges between people and cultures’. Always having lived and worked in a multi-cultural environment she speaks 4 languages fluently – but unfortunately no Latvian…

"Par le chant nous nous sommes rencontrés, par le chant célébrons!"

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