Māra Zukure

Autors: ELKS | Datums: 09/02/2015

While studying civil engineering Mara realized that systematic thinking goes hand in hand with organization and management of cultural and art events, which are why she has already participated for several years in the organization of large scale public events. At present, it has developed into a kind of hobby and pleasure. The most remarkable events have been the XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival, the Tall Ship Races Regatta and the World Choir Games. Currently she lives in Ljubljana, where she continues her studies and plans to expand her knowledge in the Krško power plant in Slovenia. In February 2015 Mara was one of the organizers of the International Centre for Cultural Studies of the international conference in Mysore, India.

"Par le chant nous nous sommes rencontrés, par le chant célébrons!"

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