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“Daiļrade RC” products will be available during the ELKS

Autors: ELKS | Datums: 08/06/2015

During ELKS time it will be possible to purchase a variety of souvenirs and gifts. Here you may read an offer of Latvian company „Daiļrade RC”

The company has 4 divisions – textile, leather processing, artistic metal processing and carpentry. Our produce merges ancient Latvian folk art crafting traditions with modern design, combining different materials, but preserving Latvian touch at the same time.

The company „ DAIĻRADE RC” will offer a variety of products from natural leather, metal and textiles with symbols of the Republic of Latvia and the Latvian ethnographic signs. Specially for European Festival of Latvian Culture company DAIĻRADE will produce souvenirs – textile tote bags, leather keychains and bookmarks with ELKS2015 symbol.


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"In song we met, in song let us celebrate!"

A. Jērums


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