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Publisher „Musica Baltica” will offer sheet music collections of Latvian music

Author ELKS | Date 12/06/2015

During ELKS in Brussels, the publisher Musica Baltica offers choral anthologies and individual choral works by Latvian composers, sheet music collections of Latvian popular music, collections of songs for children and vocal music by Latvian composers, several collections for the piano,... read more

Message from “Tele2 Shared Service Center”

Author ELKS | Date 11/06/2015

"Tele2 Shared Service Center" – with pride supports the Latvian national art traditions and ELKS. More information about this fast growing IT company in Riga and a chance to win a special prize see... read more

“My first Latvian language class”

Author ELKS | Date 08/06/2015

What is Latvian language like? During this 1.5 hour class with music accompaniment you will learn about the place of Latvian among other languages and you will be introduced to Latvian alphabet, basic principles of spelling, pronunciation and grammatical system. At the end of the class... read more

“Daiļrade RC” products will be available during the ELKS

Author ELKS | Date 08/06/2015

During ELKS time it will be possible to purchase a variety of souvenirs and gifts. Here you may read an offer of Latvian company „Daiļrade RC” The company has 4 divisions - textile, leather processing, artistic metal processing and carpentry. Our produce merges ancient Latvian... read more

Meininger Hostel Brussels among our supporters

Author ELKS | Date 04/06/2015

We are glad to announce that Meininger Hostel Brussels has become our supporter. This is a place where our guest artist will stay during the festival. We has planned also a fe flash-mobs next to this hostel on June 19 between 12.00 and 14.00. We invite our guests to choose this stylish... read more


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