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A Workshop and Lecture on Patterned Knitting of Latvia at Muntpunt Library

Author ELKS | Date 29/05/2015

During ELKS festival there will be a lecture and presentation of the Development of Patterned Knitting of Latvia as well as a workshop of Latvian traditional knitting techniques. The happening will take place at Muntpunt library, Brussels, June 19th and 20th. Precise time will be... read more

Folklore group “Oglīte” from Ropaži, Latvia – ELKS participant

Author ELKS | Date 06/04/2015

"A strong young generation cannot grow without the impression of traditions. Every father and every mother should know the moral lessons that emerged from the nation throughout centuries and see to it that they shine light on the youth of their children. Folk songs are where the... read more

Band “Raxtu Raxti” will accompany the grand concert

Author ELKS | Date 21/03/2015

Since 2012 the musical band "Raxtu Raxti" literally mesmerizes listeners. Why such admiration? Because "Autobuss Debesīs", the rock group so popular in Latvia, has teamed-up with widely renowned ethnomusicians. Because favorite old and new songs alike are performed in a manner so... read more

“Brussels Airlines” offers discount for ELKS participants

Author ELKS | Date 13/03/2015

When making flight reservations for ELKS, please, take into account the following: Open webpage Choose the flight form your place to Brussels On the right side of the booking page under "I have a promotion code" put the code ELKS2015 We are very... read more

Dance rehearsal in Stockholm

Author ELKS | Date 11/03/2015

Preparing dance numbers for European Festival of Latvian Culture, folk dance group Zibenits from Stockholm is having a rehearsal on March 14 and 15 in Stockholm. Artistic director of the rehearsal will be Janis Purvins from... read more


Author ELKS | Date 09/03/2015

Band "DAGAMBA" fuse the musical cultures of East and West to form a unique and powerful sound. Exploring previously unchartered musical territory to create a vivid and dynamic performance. Their music, arranged by Valters Puce, is equally impressive both when playing Beethoven or... read more


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