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A play “Istabas Fabulas” for children

Author ELKS | Date 09/03/2015

Children and their parents are offered to see the play “Istabas Fabulas” directed by director Jānis Znotiņš and based on the “Fables” by I.A. Krylov. The play is originally staged in Riga, in the premises of gallery ISTABA with the participation of two actors –... read more

Brussels Latvian Theater

Author ELKS | Date 08/03/2015

The Brussels Latvian Theater... Who are we? Just like everyone, we are busy people who lead hectic lives, but a few times a week our way of getting away from the everyday is the theatre. Well, this HAS been going on since October 2005, so one could call it a tradition. Telling jokes,... read more

Modern chamber musicians “Sējāne & Grasis”

Author ELKS | Date 08/03/2015

Modern chamber music is how flutist Liene Sējāne and guitarist Kristaps Grasis have described their music for a number of years, now. What is modern contemporary music? Not necessarily an absence of harmony or form. It can be pleasing to the ear, and yet at the same time-modern.... read more

A jam from London “Kokļu Zapte”

Author ELKS | Date 08/03/2015

The band "Kokļu Zapte" has been mentioned in history books since spring 2012 when Baiba asked Aivars if he can teach her to play kokle. It was in the annual London Latvian Choir evening when playing Kalnu dziesmu (Mountain Song) Aivars inspired a couple of choir members to learn to... read more

Group “Astro’n’out” will give a concert too

Author ELKS | Date 08/03/2015

Astro’n’out are quite a big deal in Latvia. The Riga-based quintet first exploded on to Latvian radio back in 2003 with a song about one of Riga’s shadier districts. Since then they have gone on to hysteria-inducing levels of success. With the striking vocal of Mara... read more

A concert by foundation “Viegli” will open ELKS

Author ELKS | Date 09/02/2015

Imants Ziedonis Foundation "Viegli" was established in the spring of 2010 with the aim to pursue the mission dear to the patron of the Foundation, poet Imants Ziedonis, - "Latvia is an incredibly beautiful land, but such beauty needs help to shine." The Foundation promots and... read more


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