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Modern chamber musicians “Sējāne & Grasis”

Autors: ELKS | Datums: 08/03/2015


Modern chamber music is how flutist Liene Sējāne and guitarist Kristaps Grasis have described their music for a number of years, now. What is modern contemporary music? Not necessarily an absence of harmony or form. It can be pleasing to the ear, and yet at the same time-modern. This is music composed for different chamber ensembles; it is performed as a duo or together with larger ensembles – not the ensembles of bygone days but modern ensembles that play the instruments of our day, instruments that are also typical for jazz or rock music. In modern chamber music, classic forms meet with contemporary interpretations.

Liene and Kristaps have toured Europe for the past years, presenting their view on contemporary music. The success of this gathered their belief that this style of music should be continued and developed further. They have recorded several albums on their own, as well with other artists, like the popular Latvian poet Juris Kronbergs with whom they appeared in a performance of his poem “One-Eyed Wolf” to the music of Kristaps Grasis. Sējāne & Grasis also perform concerts with only traditional music and there is a new cycle of compositions by Liene Sējāne.


"In song we met, in song let us celebrate!"

A. Jērums


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