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Publisher „Musica Baltica” will offer sheet music collections of Latvian music

Autors: ELKS | Datums: 12/06/2015

During ELKS in Brussels, the publisher Musica Baltica offers choral anthologies and individual choral works by Latvian composers, sheet music collections of Latvian popular music, collections of songs for children and vocal music by Latvian composers, several collections for the piano, collections and individual pieces for other instruments (strings, wind, percussion), music education workbooks, as well as CDs of works by Latvian composers and performed by Latvian musicians.

Musica Baltica Ltd is the major publisher in Latvia for Latvian music (classical and contemporary) including Latvian choral music (sacred and secular), Latvian instrumental music, Latvian chamber music and Latvian orchestral music. We publish sheet music and music collections. We promote over 60 contemporary composers from the Baltic States – Rihards Dubra, Andris Dzenitis, Arturs Maskats, Eriks Esenvalds, Peteris Plakidis and others -, making their works available to choirs, orchestras and ensembles throughout the world.
In Riga, the capital of Latvia we have a shop where you can buy Musica Baltica publications.



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"In song we met, in song let us celebrate!"

A. Jērums


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