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Andra Zobens-East

Autors: ELKS | Datums: 24/12/2014

Leader of the London Latvian folk dance group ‘Londona Dejo’ (London Dances), and member of the folklore group ‘Austrumkalns’. She studied music at the University of London’s Royal Holloway College, with a scholarship from the College Chapel Choir. Plays the cello, was a member of several orchestras, now the cellist for the string quartet ‘Nadina’. Sings in and helps to manage the London Latvian Choir. Participated in several European Latvian Summer Schools, the last time as a music teacher and tutor. Graduated from a course in Culture Management at the City University in London and now works in the London Symphony Orchestra as a choir project manager.

"In song we met, in song let us celebrate!"

A. Jērums


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