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A play for children “Istabas fabulas”

20/06/2015 15:00 - 16:00

Children and their parents are offered to see the play “Istabas Fabulas” directed by director Jānis Znotiņš and based on the “Fables” by I.A. Krylov.

PLACE: Muntpunt library, De Wolken auditorium, Place de la Monnaie 6

ENTRANCE: admission against donations (5 EUR),  information on announcement and participant registrations tab.

LANGUANGE: In Latvian, although children will be introduced to the play in Dutch.

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The play is originally staged in Riga, in the premises of gallery ISTABA with the participation of two actors – Jānis Znotiņš and Ance Muižniece. The play makes good use of the original space of gallery ISTABA, which for more than ten years now has been a store for products created by Latvian artists, an art exhibition space and a buffet. This sense of space full of Latvian artists’ works together with the play itself is also taken to the European Festival of Latvian Culture in Brussels.

The human-animal resemblance portrayed in the Fables is a gratifying material for the stimulation of the viewer’s imagination as it is for the creation of the play, meanwhile employing the artists’ products available in the store. This resemblance helps achieving and grasping the sense and the morality expressed in the Fable. The director has transferred the resemblance that can be grasped in the Fables from human-animal to the resemblance of product-human. The play is built basing on the principle of ingenuity – create from what we have around us. It is to remind children and their parents that the imagination can be immeasurably vast. The play is meant as much for children in primary school as for their parents.

"In song we met, in song let us celebrate!"

A. Jērums


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